Abstract of bachelor / master thesis

Abstract has a similar role as annotation. Yes, this is a brief summary of eg a scientific article, paper or study. It can also be a brief summary of any in-depth analysis of the subject or discipline. Abstract is part of bachelor’s / master’s thesis and it is a brief summary of the thesis.

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1. Basic rules when writing an abstract

As a rule, the abstract is written briefly, but should give the reader a more in-depth outline of the follow-up work and familiarize himself with the methods, results and conclusion used. Abstract is just like the annotation always at the beginning of the work before the introduction and it is reserved for one whole page.

The length of the abstract always depends on the discipline or requirements. It is mainly used in academic circles for more professional issues. It may contain more words than the annotation, but should not exceed 1 page of text. The abstract should contain about 500 words for bachelor / master theses, and 250 words for shorter articles.

2. What to avoid in the abstract

The abstract does not include pictures, tables, graphs, quotes.

3. Formal layout of the abstract

For most student works, the abstract appears in the work structure immediately after the thank you and before the introduction. The abstract, together with the title page, the affidavit, the acknowledgment and the content, have the numbering hidden, so called invisible page numbering, but these pages are counted.

The formal layout of the abstract usually depends on the methodological instructions of your university.

4. Structure of abstract text

The abstract can also be divided into individual parts and paragraphs. It is divided into sections similar to the whole subsequent work. The reader should outline the basic four parameters of work:

  • Outline of the problem (“This bachelor / master thesis deals with…”).
  • Methods used (“Method…” was used to solve).
  • Research Results (“I found out by research that …”).
  • Overall conclusion (“The main finding / result is …”).

5. How to correctly write an abstract step by step

First, start with the simplest, headline. Give abstract by title as well as other chapters or introduction of your bachelor / master thesis. Never write a keyword in the title, it only writes in sentences. So simply state “Abstract” in the title. The heading “Abstract” is not numbered.

When writing an abstract for your bachelor / master thesis, of which it is an integral part, you should definitely divide the text into a structure. The main goal is to successfully sell your work and not only to read the content. Do not forget to include in the abstract, as well as in the annotation, the key words, thanks to which the text will be easily searchable even on the basis of just one particular word, according to which someone searches for information for their needs. Therefore, it is advisable to write the abstract in English.

6. The procedure of writing an abstract

So, first of all, focus on the introduction of the abstract and in a few sentences outline the topic that you intend to deal with and explain your goal of the work, ie what you have set it to be the result of your entire work. In the second point, indicate the methods by which you have achieved that goal. In the third phase of the abstract, describe what you have done with the research methods. Conclude enough emphasis, it is the most important part of the abstract. In essence, you should state what you have accomplished through this work (research) and what the overall benefit is or what the overall result of your work is. The potential usefulness of these findings may also be indicated.

Never write abstract first. Always first write down the whole work and only then start writing an abstract for a complete initial presentation of your work. Of course, to create an abstract, you need to have the necessary documents to build on.

The bachelor / master’s abstract should be sure to match the given assignment. You just need to be careful about writing the text at the right time. The abstract is always, unlike the assignment, written in the present time.

7. Abstract summary

It is referred to as an unnumbered “Abstract” heading and has one full page reserved. This is a brief summary of the content of the bachelor’s / master’s thesis up to 500 words. The abstract should give the reader a more in-depth outline of the follow-up work and familiarize himself with the methods, results and conclusion used. The text of the abstract should be written in English.

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