Difference between annotation and abstract

You may be wondering what the difference between annotation and abstract is. At first glance, it may seem like it’s basically the same thing. In both cases, this is a short text that should briefly outline the issue to the reader before the introduction. But the basic difference is that in the abstract, unlike the annotation, you mention the methods and results that you have achieved. While the annotation is only intended to introduce the reader into the topic and the conclusion is not communicated to him in advance.

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1. Length and structure of text

The difference is also in the total length and structure of the text. As a rule, annotations are text that is contained in ideally 6 – 10 lines. Also, this is just one paragraph. On the contrary, the abstract can be longer and divided into more paragraphs, so that there is enough space for the important information it should contain.

2. Is it better to choose an annotation or an abstract?

If you can choose, always choose an abstract for your bachelor or master thesis. Although his work is more demanding than the annotation, he will perfectly outline a particular issue and may make it even more interesting. This will make the reader more likely to read your bachelor / master’s thesis to the end.

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