Usage of Mobile Devices in School

Using Mobile Devices Prevents Students from Concentrating On Their Text Work

While it helps learners to catch up with the teacher, it may also distract them from classwork and test work. Test work is best submitted on time and of high quality. The student must take his time to analyze the test and find appropriate references. The student needs enough time for editing and proofreading before submitting the work to the teacher or lecturer.

Mobile devices are sources of entertainment and social media activities. Students tend to keep up to date with everyday life at the expense of revising for tests and finishing their homework. Test work is given less attention compared to social media and entertainment. Therefore, most students have fewer chances of scoring high in test work due to the influence of mobile devices.

Students like to interact online when at home and away from one another. Entertainment makes school life interesting hence is hard to ignore. Test work may be relevant to classwork and school work but is not taken seriously by most students. Mobile devices are valuable possessions that keep students engaged most of the time. They share different stuff, which is mainly fun and entertainment. Instead of sharing insight regarding test work, students participate in the conversation with friends online.

They share memes and make fun. There are fewer chances of discussing test work on social media. Technology is partly a threat to academic work because it creates a comfort zone for students. Lonely students console themselves online and do not put their devices away. Classwork feels like a burden, and each time the student has to take a break by handling his device.

Entertainment in the form of mp3 songs and videos distracts students from test work. They find themselves competing to find out who watches more than the other instead of finishing their test work. Those who have better mobile devices think they are relaxed and better off at enjoying their time. Generally, students who boast the most about better entertainment allocate less time for test work. They struggle to impress others on non-academic matters. Entertainment has its limit, which students have less information about. Since they are young at heart and mentally, they end up over-using mobile devices. They avoid classwork and dedicate less time. They do not care if test work is finished or not.

Impact of Using Mobile Devices in the Classroom

In conclusion, mobile devices take up most of the student time. They end up submitting low quality work, which is full of grammatical mistakes. Some submit after the deadline and do not follow instructions. Students aim to get high-quality mobile devices to access entertainment and share the fun. Homework requires attention, but when less or none is given, then the student’s performance reduces. There is a reduced connection between the teacher and the student. The teacher feels disrespected while the student thinks under pressure. Students must learn to allocate their time appropriately to finish academic work. professional research paper writers Mobile devices cannot be avoided but can be used with some regulation. Balancing between entertainment and classwork is a step towards academic progress for an average student.